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Michaels arts and crafts warns of possible breach of payment data

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According to an article published by NBC News on Jan. 25, Michaels arts and crafts may be the latest victim in a recent rash of data breeches that exposes customer payment data.

NBC News reports that officials at Michaels arts and crafts say they may have suffered a “data security attack” on Saturday. Michaels CEO Carl Rubin told reporters they are concerned the computer system that processes payment cards may have been attacked, and may have “affected our customers' payment card information.” Rubin stressed that it is unclear if an attack took place, and added that the craft chain isn't sure customer information was compromised; however, the company felt it was best to inform its customers so they can “take steps to protect themselves.”

If you are concerned that your information has been compromised there are some things you can do to help secure your finances. Business Insider gives a list of five steps you should take to safe guard your personal accounts that includes changing your pin number, monitoring your financial statements, ordering a new credit or debit card, signing up for credit monitoring, and placing fraud alerts on your credit reports.

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