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Michaelangelo Bance's Post-Workout Recovery Routines


Quick and effective recovery is an essential part for every great workout. It is important to keep in mind the after exercise recovery routine has a big impact on an individuals fitness gain and performance. It is also very important to note recovery after exercise is essential to muscle and tissue repair. Your muscles require anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to repair and rebuild, and not taking the proper nutritional and physical steps after a workout will lead to tissue breakdown instead of building. I am always amazed to see so many people not have an after exercise recovery plan. Here are four Michaelangelo Bance post-workout recovery routines.

1. Replenishing Fluids! During a workout your body loses a great deal of fluid. The key is to stay hydrated during the workout with water. This will support your body metabolic function and nutrient transfer. When you complete your workout you want to fill up with more water, a banana and table spoon of peanut butter. This combination will hydrate the body (water), replenish loss electrolytes and potassium (banana) and replenish protein (peanut butter) to rebuild broken down muscles.

2. Replenish Chloride! Your workout will increase your heart rate and trigger your body to sweat. Sweating leads to calories burned and high concentration loss of chloride. Your body requires a stable amount of chloride to maintain fluid balance, blood volume, blood pressure, and body fluid pH levels. So, after you complete your workout load up on healthy foods high in chloride and low in fat, like olives or seaweed.

3. Stretch Real Good! Following your workout always make sure to stretch. This will help prevent injuries and lactic acid build up. I suggest considering gentle stretching to music with visualization. As you stretch use lite movement, while visualising all the muscles being stretched and your body being rejuvenated. This increases blood circulation from the brain to the body and helps promote nutrient and waste product transport throughout the body.

4. Get Some Rest! Father time is the most important part of a post workout recovery. All the recovery steps I mentioned above will not work if you don't allow your body some time to rest and repair itself. Our bodies have an amazing capacity to take care of itself if we allow it recovery time through good old fashion rest.

The best thing you can do when aiming to recovery quickly from a workout is listen to your body. If you're feeling very sore or tired you may need more recovery time (rest). If pay attention, your body will let you know if you're over training or under training. Always make a great attempt to never compare your body's recovery period to someone else's recovery period. We are all built unique! Good luck on your next workout and enjoy the recovery tips.