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Michaela Wells found!

Michaela Wells was located Thursday evening.

Friends and family members of 16-year-old Michaela Wells can breathe again, as the teen beauty queen has been located. Almost no information has been released at this time, only that she was located at a residence in Indianapolis, Indiana. How did she get there? That's quite a jaunt from Bellevue, Nebraska, where she was last seen Sunday evening, leaving her house to take out the trash.

Was Michaela abducted, as her mother, Theresa Norris, believed or was she just taking some time off, as was thought by Bellevue Police? It may never be revealed. Either way, she is now safe and in custody. Those are really the only things about these kinds of cases that matters. Too often, there is a media circus surrounding missing persons cases, where every detail of the person's life is exposed to the world. While some of that may be necessary, for the purpose of trying to locate a person, there is a definite overkill of information exploited by the media.

Best of luck to Michaela and her family, as they begin to heal from this event.

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