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Michael Vick will start in 2014, but where? Eagles QB ready to test NFL market

With Foles in charge now in Philly, where will Michael Vick land in 2014?
With Foles in charge now in Philly, where will Michael Vick land in 2014?
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Michael Vick is confident that he can and will be a starting quarterback in 2014, but now the question is where. According to a report on Jan. 31, the odds of Vick taking his starting job back with the Eagles is, well, not possible.

After the year Nick Foles had as Philadelphia's new signal caller, it is time for Vick to start looking elsewhere, and according to multiple sources Vick will hit the free-agent market in March.

However, will there be any takers?

The former Pro-bowl QB with Atlanta and Philadelphia feels he will "absolutely" be a starter next fall.

Vick was featured on radio row yesterday during Super Bowl week, and he was quite clear to any reporter that asked - he wants to start, now matter where he lands next season.

In response to a question about whether he would rather go to a possible Super Bowl team as a backup or start for a struggling team, "If it came down to that, I would have to lean in the direction of playing. That's just being candid and being honest. I want to play. I feel like I've still got a lot of football to give."

Age (33) may not be the only thing holding Vick back from hooking on to a new team as a starter, his past history may as well.

However in sports, just like in life, people do forgive and forget and Vick is seemingly a completely different person today than he was a few years ago.

If the former V Tech standout can impress a team, he seems determined to prove his still has a lot left in the tank.

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