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Michael Vick hair: Michael Vick, Bow Wow introducing hair product line

Michael Vick
Michael Vick
Photo by Jemal Countess

Michael Vick has a new hair product line with rapper, Bow Wow. On Feb. 18, UPI reported that Michael Vick and Bow Wow have created WaveMasterz, a company that carries durags, brushes, skull caps, and pomade products. Their current slogan? "We're gonna set ya city on fire (sic)."

Since Vick is 34-years-old, some feel as though his football career (as a quarterback) will be coming to a close soon. It makes sense that he's starting up another business venture to keep him busy once he retires -- that is, if the company does well. While it may not be something anyone saw coming, it's certainly better than Vick's previous hobbies.

Michael Vick promoted his hair product line on Twitter but the WaveMasterz website is still under construction and it doesn't look like things are taking off just yet. If you look at the website you might deduce that Michael Vick and Bow Wow will be going on a "Celebrity Launch Tour." It's likely that the guys will visit different venues in different cities to debut their new line and sign autographs or what have you... you know, to get the word out.

The question is, have people really forgiven Vick? Will his new venture be successful or will people refuse to even blink in the direction of his products? Would you buy something from WaveMasterz?

Who knew Michael Vick was into hair products?

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