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Michael Vick cancels book tour: Are dog lovers hypocrites?

Vick takes responsibility
Vick takes responsibility

Finally Free” is the title of Michael Vick’s book but many recognize and some even applaud that he probably never will be “free”. This is especially a salient truth for people who love their dogs more than people. However, where are these people when numerous victims including children are maimed and killed by pit bulls and other vicious pets?

Right here in Atlanta, there was a report that the family’s pit bull dragged their baby out onto the front porch after severely biting the child. Also in the Atlanta area, a man was killed in his back yard by the neighbor’s pit bull. Vick served 18 months in prison and is a hated man. What happens to these dog owners?

There is an argument that there are bad dog owners, not bad dogs. The question remains: What punishment do these owners deserve? Where is the outcry from the public and the Humane Society? There is a very recent story of pit bulls killing a child in Wisconsin, illustrating my point. Read about it.

Is this silence hypocrisy? Is it more or less egregious for a human being to be killed by a pet? Will the owner of a killer pet ever be "free"? Three more questions with no real answers. While Vick presents his story as one of redemption, the many threats against him, retailers, and Worthy Publishing caused him to cancel his book tour.

Apparently, there is a different standard for dogs that kill people than people who kill dogs. They are both horrible but where is the rage against negligent owners? It is a puzzle unless of course there is something much more personal involved.

There has been an underbelly of dog fighting in this country since before the 19th century. True it is a clandestine blood sport but it is in full operational mode. Little to nothing is being done to stop it, control it, or to prevent this particular sector of people from committing heinous acts against these animals. Therefore it is logical to conclude that the viciousness directed against Michael Vick is much more sinister than his accusers will admit to.

Condolences to the families who have been victimized by dog attacks and to the dogs that still suffer and die every day from the blood sport of dog fighting.


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