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Michael VanWagner's DUI takes life of teen: Posts wreck on Facebook with joke

Michael VanWagner's DUI accident takes life of teen, he posts car picture on Facebook and jokes about the wreck.
Michael VanWagner's DUI accident takes life of teen, he posts car picture on Facebook and jokes about the wreck.
Facebook/ Michael VanWagner

Michael VanWagner, a man who is facing a DUI after an accident left a teen dead, posted pictures of his wrecked car on his Facebook account and joked about being drunk. VanWagner’s night of partying ended up with him getting into two accidents, with the first being a hit and run, according to The Spread It on August 1.

VanWagner fled the scene of an accident on Highway 252 and 73rd Avenue as he headed home to the Coon Rapids section of Minneapolis. From there he crashed his vehicle into two cars on Highway 252 in Brooklyn Park and in one of those cars was a young honor student, 16-year-old Jason McCarthy.

McCarthy was seriously injured and was taken to North Memorial Medical Center where he lay fighting for his life. It was during this time that VanWagner took to his Facebook account to post a picture of his car, which was totaled.

The caption included a smiley face and VanWagner wrote; “That’s her front end after I got done with her lol.” Then he posted a picture of him and his pet snake with a caption; “I’m all good slept a day in the hospital then came home and did yard work lol.”

VanWagner didn’t have a license and he was “beyond drunk” of his own admission when he got behind the wheel of the car. Once he learned that the 16-year-old boy died from the injuries in the accident that was caused by VanWagner, he deleted the Facebook post, according to Mail Online.

He took to Facebook again to explain that he was so drunk that although he thought he hit something, he didn’t know that he had killed a teenager. The father of an 18-month-old baby was arrested on Wednesday and released on bail.

He is facing a court date in the upcoming months regarding the death of McCarthy. Today VanWagner is fully aware that he is looking at a lengthy prison sentence so he will be spending as much time as he can with his baby until that day comes.

It is too bad McCarthy’s parents don’t have the same option of spending time with their son anymore.

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