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Michael Strahan gets yellow jacket and bust of himself as Hall of Famer

Michael Strahan becomes a Pro Football Hall of Famer
Michael Strahan becomes a Pro Football Hall of Famer
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Michael Strahan, 42, was enshrined along with six others into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday in Canton, Ohio, according to ESPN. He was given a yellow jacket and a bust of himself that included his infamous gap. After it was unveiled, the former New York Giants defensive end kissed it.

Michael Strahan gets the yellow jacket as a Hall of Famer
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

View photos in slideshow of Strahan with his bust.

Strahan's induction speech was the last speech of the night. He talked for 34 minutes even though the ceremony when on a couple of hours longer than planned. In his speech, he told how he got his start in football. He explained how grateful he is to certain people in the audience. He started his father and thanked him for introducing football to him. He gave thanks to his mother, and his daughters and advised them to dream big. He thanked Kipa Ripa whom he called his "tv wife." Actually, she is the co-host along with Strahan on "Live! with Kelly and Michael." Also, in the audience was Robin Roberts, his co-host on "Good Morning America."

A sound bite from Strahan's speech is that he called himself "an improbable Hall of Famer, an improbable football player" at the beginning of his speech. He brought back the same theme when he closed by saying, "Improbability means nothing, because absolutely anything is possible."

Strahan was comical yet graceful throughout his speech where he talked about using Jane Fonda's workout tapes because when he was 13 and living in Germany he was called fat and nicknamed "B.O.B." which stood for "Booty on Back." Within the 34 minutes, some learned more about Strahan, and others were reminded of his successful football career. Even though he is a television celebrity, he his main focus was about his football rise to fame. After all, that was the purpose of his enshrinement ceremony.

Strahan did not fail to mention his coaches, fellow players and his football family. He shared stories and spoke fondly of them all even though there were some he singled out. He concluded by saying, "I am a mixture of all of you."

The New York Daily News reports that Strahan who is usually calm and cool indicated that he doesn't get excited about many things because every day is a continuous cycle of interesting stuff, but being enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fall is unlike anything else.

Congratuations, Michael Strahan!