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Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy reveal secrets about each other on the air

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy play game on 'Live with Kelly and Michael'
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain

On Monday's "Live with Kelly and Michael" daytime talk show, Michael Strahan's fiancée Nicole Murphy was a guest. She promoted her show "Hollywood Exes" on VH1 and her modeling job as a judge in the Miss Nevada USA pageant. Michael did not know she was going to appear on the show or the secret she would reveal about him.

Nicole, 46, is the ex-wife of actor Eddie Murphy. She and Michael, 42, have been engaged since 2009. Michael's co-host, Kelly Ripa played a game with the two of them since they have been together for so long. The game was "Who's More Likely To..." Kelly asked several questions and they were to hold up a fan displaying the person who was more likely to do it.

The first question was "Who is more likely to talk baby talk?" Both Nicole and Michael indicated that Michael was the one more likely to do that. The next question was "Who's more likely to use the last piece of toilet paper without replacing the roll?" Both of them said Nicole would do that. Then Kelly asked, "Who's more likely to plan a date night?" Both answered themselves. Then the question was asked, "Who's more likely to get the last word in ?" Both Nicole and Michael said it would be Nicole.

The pair seems to know each other quite well a bit about each other as the questions continued. "Which one is the more likely to leave a party early?" They both said that would be Michael. The next question was "Who would leave a wet towel on the bed?" Nicole said it was Michael who would do it, and Michael said Nicole would do it. They also said the other one would be guilty of doing what Kelly asked in the final questions: "Which one would steal the kids' Halloween candies?" "Which one would more likely to cry during a movie?" The final question was "Who's more likely to take a butt selfie?" Again, each one said the other would do it.

As Nicole was about to exit, Michael reminded the audience and viewers to watch her show, "Hollywood Exes" on VH1.

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