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Michael Stagliano plays Erica on 'Bachelor Pad'

Tonight's episode of 'Bachelor Pad' was one that you couldn't tear your eyes away from. Michael Stagliano attempted to blindside Erica Rose by telling her that Chris was getting everyone in the house to vote against her and it blew up in his face.

Michael Stagliano plays Erica

Chris knew that he had to do something to get Erica's trust and he took her into the room with him when he went to vote. He immediately discredited Michael Stagliano with this move because Michael had just been telling Erica that Chris had voted against her and he knew that for a fact.

Erica didn't take too kindly to Michael's lying and he knew that he was most probably going to go home if Erica got voted out. Everyone in the house was scared to hear which lady was voted out and which man was going home with her.

I can't say that I like Erica Rose and I have been looking forward to seeing her voted out for a long long time. I think we all knew as soon as Sarah's name was called that Erica was on her way out.


Erica was voted out of the house and she decided to take Michael Stagliano out of the house with her. Sarah and Chris survived another week!

Were you surprised by the end of the show??


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