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Michael Schumacher's GoPro helmet cam footage reveals little about accident

A press conference was held earlier today to reveal the latest findings on Schumacher and to squash any rumors.
A press conference was held earlier today to reveal the latest findings on Schumacher and to squash any rumors.
Euro News

The Guardian reported earlier today (Jan. 8,2013) that footage and sound obtained from a GoPro helmet camera worn by Micheal Schumacher during his skiing accident on Dec. 29 reveals little about the causes of the accident itself. During a press conference in Albertville, France (near the hospital treating Schumacher), investigators, members of the press and police reported their findings and few details on what they know so far.The press conference was mainly held to stifle any rumors that may have arisen during the past few days.

The biggest piece of news comes from the fact that audio and video was obtained from Michael Schumacher's GoPro helmet camera. Unfortunately, there was little footage that coincides with the actual accident nor was there any telemetric data to examine. Investigators are going to look into the EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) data to see if the GoPro itself recorded any variables not seen by the human eye.

What the footage did reveal was that Michael Schumacher was going at a "Good skier's speed" and wasn't in any way going at a reckless pace. The terrain Schumacher was traveling on was "very hard.". Additionaly, at the time Schumacher went off the piste ( a distance of 8 meters), he didn't seem to be decelerating by any means. Prosecutor Patrick Quincy said,

Schumacher is obviously a very good skier.At one point his skis in fact touch a rock, he loses balance, and he falls forward and his head hits a rock which is three meters 50 [centimeters] below.

Investigators have also ruled out the ski's themselves to be of any cause of the accident itself.

Revealed earlier, Schumacher was indeed wearing his helmet and was somewhat conscious during the air ride to the hospital.

Schumacher's wife Corrina urged media and fans to continue support but ultimately leave the hospital and Micheal Schumacher's family alone.

Schumacher remains in a critical but stable condition in hospital in Grenoble.

Source: The Guardian

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