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Michael Schumacher out of coma and full speed into rehabilitaiton

Fans and supporters of Michael Schumacher hang banners
Fans and supporters of Michael Schumacher hang banners
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Micheal Schumacher's management is reporting that earlier today (June 6,2014) Micheal Schumacher was transferred out of the hospital and placed into rehabilitation. More than 6 months ago, Schumacher suffered a devastating ski accident that placed the former Formula 1 champion into a deep medically induced coma, but now doctors have deemed Micheal medically able enough to be wakened out of coma and to start the long process of rehabilitation.

The seven-time world champion's family and manager last spoke about Schumacher's health condition in the middle of April, stating that the German ace has "moments of consciousness and awakening." Since then and until today, there has been no real new news about the condition of Micheal and hopes of his recovery. But now, fans of Schumi ( as he is nicknamed amongst his fans) now have a bit of renewed hope of his recovery and condition.

Most medical personal and professionals do agree that Micheal's case follows along the lines of many similar head injuries wherein the patient had to be medically induced into a coma. As such, windows of good news must be taken with a grain of salt and chances for a full medical recovery are almost slim to none.

According to Dr. Gary Herstein, a former Formula 1 doctor, as of now, we should be a bit thankful about Micheal's condition. If we classified Micheal as being in a partially vegetative state, Schumacher already has beaten the 70% chance of him being clinically dead looking at the statistics alone. If we bumped Schumacher up to now being in a minimally conscious state, his chances at full recovery, while painfully low, do improve a little.

Any news about Schumacher at this point should be good news, but for many fans to believe that Schumacher will be driving around at full clip anytime soon, will be woefully disappointed. Not to say that the prayers and encouragement to his family for a full recovery should be lessened, but now fans do have a better chance to see Schumacher close to his best now more than ever. Fans can continue to have renewed hope.

Source: BBC News

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