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Michael Schumacher: May benefit from microchip implant

Michael Schumacher.....pictured with wife Corinna.
Michael Schumacher.....pictured with wife Corinna.

Two European doctors have developed a revolutionary microchip implanting procedure that they may plan to use in order to help seven times Formula One race car champion Michael Schumacher in his recovery from a citical injury he suffered Dec. 29 while skiing in the French Alps, according to the London Mirror newspaper. This news comes in the wake of a revelation he is now communicating with family members by fluttering his eyelids.

The Schumachers received further good news in the form of a report he may be able to return home to their palatial home in Gland, Switzerland by the end of August. But even when he returns home to be with wife Corinna, he will still require around the clock nursing care as he continues to recover.

Reports indicate that while the record-shattering driver remains paralyzed, he is able to answer questions from devoted wife Corinna and children Gina-Maria, 17, and son Mick, 15, by fluttering his eyelids. Doctors at the Swiss clinic in Lausanne hope to have Michael sitting upright in a state-of-the art electronic wheelchair that he can control with his mouth in the upcoming weeks.

But possibly the most interesting news are the reports from Croatia news media that doctors Darko Chudy and Vedran Deletis, who have developed a revolutionary microchip implanting technique, may plan to use it to aid Michael in his road to recovery. The hope is that the microchip may be able to help him walk and talk again after his lengthy coma.

With an estimated wealth estimated at more than half-a-billion pounds, Schumacher's family is in a financial position to provide unlimited medical care for the future. This will include physiotherapists to massage his atrophying joints, doctors, nurses, nutritionists and neurological experts.


According to Croatian news media, Schumacher's family is in talks with the neurosurgeons who have successfully used the microchip implant procedure to help other patients in the past. Chudy and Deletis have confirmed only that they have been contacted by the champion's family.

Dr. Chudy said, "We've had a case with a Croat boy and he started to walk after two months."

Chudy said he couldn't comment on the Schumacher rcase other than to say he had been contacted by them, according to the Croatian Times newspaper.

A report in the Austrian Times reported the family of Schumacher made initial contact with doctors from the Croatian capital of Zagreb. They made contact after reading reports in specialized publications indicating the new techniques had already helped other patients.

Schumacher was placed by doctors into a medically-induced coma soon after his horrific ski accident in the French Alps near the Meribel resort on Dec. 29, 2013. He suffered severe head injuries and underwent brain surgery at University Hospital in Grenoble, France before be placed into the coma. He emerged from the coma only last month and was transported to the rehab clinic at Lausanne, Switzerland near his home.

Formula one champ Nikki Lauda sent Michael a letter in which he said he hoped to see him soon. That is a sentiment shared by millions of adoring fans around the world.

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