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Michael Schumacher: Jean Alesi confirms signs of miracle for champion

Michael Schumacher......shown with devoted wife Corinna before ski accident.
Michael Schumacher......shown with devoted wife Corinna before ski accident.

It was not long ago medical experts around the world were saying it would take a "miracle" for Formula One champion Michael Schumacher to emerge from his coma, but former rival Jean Alesi confirmed yesterday that he is showing signs of awakening, according to an article in the London Mirror Thursday, April 10. Schumacher has been fighting for his life since his skis struck a snow-covered rock which sent him airborne 34 feet before his head struck a larger rock on Dec. 29, 2013.

He was airlifted to Grenoble, a town approximately 400 miles southeast of Paris which once hosted the Winter Olympics. Although he was briefly conscious and spoke, doctors at University Hospital placed him into a medically-induced coma to allow his brain time to heal.

Alesi, who was once an outstanding Formula One driver in his own right, told the motorsports magazine Speedweek that Schumacher appeared to be getting better. The magazine quoted him as saying, "During my last visit I noticed something had improved."

Alesi said he further sensed that his family including wife Corinna Schumacher were happy at the positive turn Michael's condition is now taking. Schumacher's millions of fans around the world were deeply concerned when various medical experts in Europe said Michael may not ever awake from his deep sleep since he is now heading into his thirteenth week.

His representative Sabine Kehm confirmed Alesi's opinion when she recently told news media sources that the seventime world champion is showing "moments of consciousness and awakening."

Reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel said before last Sunday's race in Bahrain that, "It is very good to hear it's going in the right direction," according to the London Daily Mirror.

Dr. Ganesh Bavikatte said the fact the F1 legend had been in an artificially coma so long meant his brain injury was extremely serious. Dr. Bavikatte is based at the Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool, England. Bavikatte made his remarks before Alesi and Kehm reported Schumacher's improvement.

Corinna and Michael have long been considered the "golden couple" of the glamorous Formula One world since they met while he was winning a record seven world championships first for Benetton and later for Ferrari. Michael once recounted he couldn't recall them ever having a fight or serious dispute.

Some observers have attributed the success of their marriage to the fact she has never discouraged him from his risky Formula One racing which took the life of Ayrton Senna, three-time world champion. Ayrton perished while driving a Williams in a race against Michael who was piloting a Benetton at the time.

The irony of Michael's situation is that he never suffered anything more serious than a broken leg during his illustrious career during which he won a record 91 races in addition to the seven world championships.

Corinna has been the personification of the devoted wife during this season of testing for Michael and his family. She reportedly drives a good distance every day to be at his bedside and speak to him in the hopes he will recognize her voice. She has never faltered in her belief he will recover since this ordeal began.

Kehm has denied reports that Corinna has expended 10 million pounds (16 milllion American dollars) to construct a medically equipped room adjacenet to the couple's mansion.

Corinna and Michael married in 1995 and moved into a luxurious mansion in Switzerland. German magazine Stern once reported, "Rarely do you see a couple made for each other as the Schumachers seem to be."

Corinna was a former saleslady from a small town not far from where Michael grew up. Their top priority has been raising their two children, although they purchased a ranch near Dallas, Texas. She has built the ranch into a multi-million dollar business raising horses.

Michael explained to a German television channel last year why he thought they'd never had a "serious" fight, saying, "It's because we share the same values. During all the time I was racing she was my guardian angel."

Corinna has proved herself once again to be much more than a trophy wife. Her undying loyalty to her husband may be the key ingredient which brings him back from the brink.

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