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Michael Schumacher: Did doctors end attempts to bring him out of coma?

Corrina Schumacher with husband Michael.......loyal wife stays by bedside of champion.
Corrina Schumacher with husband Michael.......loyal wife stays by bedside of champion.
Daily Mail

Doctors abandoned attempts to wake Michael Schumacher up from his medically-induced coma, according to Focus, a German magazine. However, the Formula One champion's manager has denied that report.

The report from the German publication claimed recently doctors had abandoned attempts to bring him out his medically-induced coma "due to complications." The article cited "insiders" as its source for the article.

Sabine Kehm, Shumacher's manager, disputed the claims of Focus and said the champion's condition remained unchanged. Ms. Kehm said, "This phase can take a long time which, much to our regret, can lead to many misinterpretations."

Kehm had said on Jan. 30 that doctors at Grenoble University Hospital were reducing his sedation to gradually bring him out of the coma.

Wife Corinna Schumacher, 44, has remained at the seven-time Formula One champion's bedside on a daily basis since his accident Dec. 29 which occurred while he was skiing in the Alps near the French resort Meribel. He reportedly struck a snow-covered rock and was flung 34 feet in the air until his head struck a second rock. Fortunately, the 91-race winner was wearing a helmet. The impact of his landing split his helmet.

He was conscious immediately following the accident and spoke some words before he was flown to the Grenoble University Hospital where doctors were able to perform two surgeries to remove blood clots from his brain area.

Causing concern among many of Schumacher's millions of fans spanning the globe is that the German news magazine Focus "enjoys a close relationship with the 45 year old's inner circle," according to an article in the London Mail Online. Focus is a weekly German magazine published in Munich. It is the third largest weekly in Germany after being launched Jan. 18, 1993. Founded by Helmet Markwurt and Hubert Burdo, it was launched with a circulation of 478,000 which was considered one of the most succesful beginnings in German history.

The Focus article said the recovery phase is back on ice and Schumacher is once again medicated to keep him under. Observers have speculated doctors could have decided to stop his awakening for several reasons. A new infection could cause a temporary delay in bringing him out of the coma.

Evidence that the drugs in the fatty tissue of his body were not moving as fast as they would have thought would be another possible reason for the dealy, if the Focus article is accurate.

Fans of the German ace were uplifted only a week ago when close friend Felipe Massa visited Schumacher in his hospital room and said, "He sleeps but looks quite normal. I think he even reacted a bit."

The Brazilian driver who was a teammate of Schumacher's with Ferrari even said he thought he saw Schumacher's lips move in response to something Massa said.

Schumacher is reputed by many to be the greatest Formula One driver in history. His seven world championships put him at the top of the list of alltime greats. Juan Manuel Fangio, of Argentina, won five of the coveted championships on the Grand Prix circuit during the 1950s. French great Alain Prost won four world championships driving before Schumacher's glory days.

Sebastian Vettel, the reigning world champion, has expressed his well wishes for Schumacher and his family during this season of testing. Vettel has four championships.

A somber attitude has permeated this year's Formula One pre-season testing which began at Jerez, Spain and now continues at Bahrain. The times of the various cars on the racetrack seem insignificant when compared to concern for Schumacher's well-being.

Wife Corinna speaks to him daily in the hopes the sound of her voice will help bring him out of his coma while he fights for his life. The couple have two children. His loyal wife has said repeatedly she believes her husband will pull through this condition. Anyone who has witnessed his steely determination on the racetracks from Nurburgring to Monte Carlo to Indianapolis knows better than to bet against the champion.

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