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Michael Savage gives away the purpose of Conservatism Inc.

This is the kind of sight that makes White Americans swoon with delight
This is the kind of sight that makes White Americans swoon with delight
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

On the Friday, May 30 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, Michael Savage belittled the perfectly healthy concept that a nation founded on the European heritage can only exist in the presence of European peoples. Savage, whose show is carried on News Talk 760 WJR here in Detroit, was taking a phone call in the final minute of the end of the first hour (you can listen to it starting at 25:57). Here’s how the quick exchange went down:

Caller: “Would you consider this America anymore once the majority of the population is non-white – a non-European heritage? Would you still consider it America at that point?”

Savage: “Sure it could be America. Absolutely. If the people who dominated the country demographically (also) loved the country and stood for borders, language, and culture, why wouldn’t it be America?”

Caller: “You don’t believe that there’s any kind of notion of this being a country of European heritage, and as long as that majority is gone, there’s really no (America)?”

Savage: “No I don’t think so at all, because the European heritage is built upon on principles that originated in Europe. But it doesn’t have to be dominated by Europeans racially for it to still be America!”

This, of course, is a bald-faced lie by Savage. It is completely impossible for a nation or a culture to survive without the unique people that created it. The great lie that humans are interchangeable has been made a thousand times over by everyone in the conservative establishment, but it is notable coming from Savage for the following reason: He poses himself as an outsider to Conservatism Inc., and he often does it in delightful fashion, going after everyone from Sean Hannity to Fox News to Ted Cruz.

Considering that he reaches 10 million listeners, most of whom are traditional-minded Whites, he’s actually doing everyone a favor by trying to discredit the phonies who must be discredited. Better yet, he teeters on the edge in such a way that he could risk pushing his audience in a more radical direction. Put it another way: If Savage keeps on feeding them Hershey kisses, they might one day demand a bar, than a King Size bar, than a five pound bar, etc. etc. until they demand the factory

It’ll never get to that point though. At the end of the day, Savage is controlled opposition himself. His purpose is the same as the conservative establishment he claims to oppose: Channel the burgeoning discontent and resentment of White American conservatives into yet another dead end. He gave this purpose away by making that bald-faced lie to the race-conscious caller that managed to get through.

For Conservatism Inc., that dead end is “tax cuts, spending cuts, deregulation.” For Savage, it’s “borders, language and culture.” The former is a corporate agenda, whereas the latter gives the restless natives something abstract to cling to that feels better viscerally than the mindless wonkery of the corporate agenda. Two wings, same bird of prey. Savage could rightfully be thought of as the best player for the Washington Generals.

There’s another reason, however, why Savage runs no risk of radicalizing his audience, and it has nothing to do with the man himself: His listeners are incapable of standing for collective, group interests. They may despise the notion of “White Privilege” with every fiber of their beings. They may be fully aware of the lies and horrors committed against Whites like them. But it’s all for nothing because they can only “defend themselves” in terms of individualism and equality.

They don’t recognize communities of people united by blood, soil, faith, and history. They just recognize atomized individuals with their own little islands. They oppose affirmative action, the racial socialist welfare state, and the lie of “White Privilege” not on the grounds that it hurts their own race, but on the grounds that it’s “unequal.” Such pathetic defenses are but horses and buggies compared to the blitzkrieg unleashed by the likes of Ta-Nehisi Coates, who might one day go down in history as the man who shifted the Overton Window on reparations from “fringe” to “mainstream.”

Their solution is to fight for “true equality,” which is code for a multiracial democracy where the citizens elect Tea Party candidates in perpetuity. Just like white liberals, they are obsessed with bettering the livelihood of every tribe except their own. When you get to the heart of it, listeners to The Savage Nation are no different in their basic view of humanity than watchers of MSNBC.

It has long been held by the Dissident Right or the Alternative Right that most White Americans are secretly on their side, but that Conservatism Inc. holds them back by offering false opposition – which in Savage’s case would be a phony alternative to the phony opposition. The truth, however, is that White Americans are unanimous in their conviction that it does not matter whether their race is the majority population of this country or not. Here’s your proof:

Sixty-nine percent even reported that they would rather vote for a candidate who supports reform that includes both border security and a way for undocumented immigrants to stay in this country, while only 25.8 percent would vote for a candidate who supports border security alone. The sample in the poll, released by Tea Party Express with The Partnership for a New American Economy and Americans for Tax Reform, was 84 percent white, and 70 percent identified as born again or evangelical Christians.

As you can see by scrolling down to Page 62 of the poll data, 77.5 percent of White Tea Partiers are cool with amnesty for illegals. Those people you see in comment sections all the time on right wing websites? They only represent 16.6 percent of Whites according to that poll. If White Christian Tea Partiers support amnesty as long as it comes with “promises” such as “border security,” than they sure as heck don’t care about who those immigrants are.

But even among the 16.6 percent, it’s anathema to them to suggest that Whites have interests too. It’s not that the traditional American nation is too scared or intimidated to reveal their true convictions. It’s that they don’t have those convictions to begin with. They listen to Michael Savage and the rest of talk radio not because its “safe,” but because it reflects what they really believe. They agree with Savage that a majority-European population isn’t needed to conserve the America they grew up in – or the America of the Founding Era, for that matter.

Perhaps it’s time for the Dissident Right to stop treating White Americans the way Conservatism Inc. treats blacks: As helpless victims led astray onto a slave plantation. Just like blacks vote for Democrats because they know perfectly well it benefits them, Whites support Conservatism Inc. because they agree deep down with what it stands for: Equality, individualism, tax cuts, “colorblindness,” – the whole nine yards.

They are not slaves on a plantation. They are not being led astray. Conservatism Inc. operates in a market-controlled environment where failure to accrue listeners, watchers, and subscribers spells doom. They don’t fuel their White Christian base – the White Christian base fuels them.

The purpose of Conservatism Inc. is to make sure Whites never ever stand for their interests as a group. Savage gave away this purpose in that exchange with the caller. It would be easy to get mad at him, but his words are in sync with the heart and soul of the traditional American nation. That’s just the way it is.

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