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Michael Sam’s NFL agenda

Brave and liberating mean little in the world of liberalism.
Brave and liberating mean little in the world of liberalism.
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A very learned associate shared some thoughts about the controversy surrounding Mizzou’s defensive end Michael Sam, an NFL prospect who announced last week that he is a homosexual. In coming out in the manner and at the time he did, Sam raised a number of eyebrows as to the true nature of his personal agenda along with the same-sex community’s overall itinerary.

The aforementioned acquaintance sagaciously penned:

“Michael Sam says that he just wants to be a football player. That’s fine. If only this were true. To come out as gay right between the end of your college career and just before your foray into the NFL, says something quite different about what he wants. His desire is to not just be the NFL’s first openly gay player, but to be the NFL’s first openly gay to be drafted as well.”

Also addressing the fever pitch of support and outright endorsements of Sam, accompanied by the obligatory (but infinitely fallacious) comparisons to the civil rights movement by ardent secularists, the commentary continued:

“This is the real tragedy of the left involving itself in sports politically and culturally. It’s one thing to insist that one look past one’s skin color (which all major sports do), it’s quite another however to insist that a player who has taken a hands on interest in [other men] be viewed as just another player in a locker room full of sweaty men who are playing a contact sport with him.”

It’s undeniably true. Liberalistic pomposity, euphemizing something that timeless values rightly stigmatized, has indeed metastasized throughout the land and the world as a whole - aided and abetted no doubt, by an obsequious, progressive media apparatus. The inferno swirling about Michael Sam only epitomizes the pervasive nature of this truth.

Many on the liberal left from the POTUS, to the FLOTUS, to Joe Biden, to high profile sports announcer James Brown, and even the NFL itself, have showered the University of Missouri defender with positive-sounding words of praise like:

“Courage(ous), pride, inspiration, honesty, brave(ry), ‘congratulations on leading the way,’” and “watershed moment.”

In the exact same fashion that same-sex “marriage” proponents redefine the tried and true definitions of words in the universal lexicon, those advocating for Sam’s acceptance as an “ordinary NFL player” distort traditional meanings until they have NO meaning at all.

And speaking of the interlaced subject of homosexual “marriage,” the tactic of demonizing challengers was also on full display when in another commentary it was offered that:

“…opposing ‘marriage equality’ is equivalent to how the Nazis exterminated Jews during the Holocaust.”

To which one person responded:

“By juxtapositioning the two in that manner, the horror of the latter is marginalized and SSM advocates make themselves look utterly absurd!!!”

Whatever happens with Michael Sam and his NFL career, he has opened Pandora’s Box with respect to homosexuals in the league. There can be no doubt whatsoever that with the likes of the Obamas giving him the standing ovation they have, other young NFL hopefuls will seek the same spotlight’s glow.

As for the average football fan, it seems the price one must pay now is the forfeiture of escaping the constant barrage of leftist social indoctrination and the refuge found in the mindless yet passionate endeavor of cheering our favorite teams to victory during the Sunday afternoon NFL retreat.

This has been forever jaded and frankly, it appears militant homosexuals couldn’t possibly care less.


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