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Michael Sam: playing the gay card.

Michael Sam is disappointed. He wasn't drafted until the seventh round and felt he ought to have been drafted sooner, namely in the first three rounds. He all but wondered whether his having come out as gay was the culprit.

This, friends is the new racism and the new sexism rolled up into one. You didn't draft me early enough? It must be that I'm gay, hint, hint. Well, you're the one who came out, and as we opined several months ago (you can read it here: ) we wondered whether the the whole point was to increase your chances of getting drafted by the NFL. Today we feel that our suspicions are confirmed.

Yes, he stopped short of saying it. But how many seventh round draft picks get the attention he's getting? He wasn't selected significantly higher than most experts had him pegged, which was in the middle to late rounds. Why did he feel he ought to have been a third rounder when few others did?

He and his allies in the media and elsewhere are playing the gay card exactly as too many folks play the race or the sex card. Perhaps his late selection was influenced by his sexual preference, but not likely, given the experts' opinions. Michael Sam thought he could make history easily by simply being gay and did not get the payoff he expected. So, naturally, the problem is due to something else. It can't be that maybe, just maybe, he isn't cut out for the NFL.

Naw. It's has to be an underlying homophobia at work. That's how you play the gay card.

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