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Michael Sam made a horrible business decision

Can Michael Sam still get drafted?
Can Michael Sam still get drafted?
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It should be a proud moment for Michael Sam who stated he is an openly proud gay man, but instead of celebrating, Michael Sam may want to hold off.

According to one former GM, Michael Sam should only be drafted by a strong team like the Green Bay Packers or Pittsburgh Steelers and there will be teams who will not select him because he is gay.

While usually publicity would help a potential NFL draft pick, in this case, it’s doing nothing but hurting him.

Michael Sam made a horrible business decision by coming out and attempting to be the first openly gay NFL player.

Sam dropped over 70 spots in the latest CBS 2014 NFL Draft Rankings and that was just the first day.

While many people, including myself, don’t have a problem with Michael Sam and his sexual orientation, others do and those others are general managers and coaches of NFL teams.

According to SI’s Peter King, one NFL GM believes he won’t even be drafted.

Would the GM have felt the same way before the announcement?

While many continue to focus on the locker room, one must remember there are several general managers who will not take a chance on Michael Sam. Not due to his sexual orientation but because they are not willing to have the circus come to town.

The increased media coverage and hoopla Michael Sam will cause could pull the team apart and cause a distraction if not handled properly. Just imagine Michael Sam on the Jets…

Multiple NFL executives have questioned his announcements timing. Not much happens from now to the draft and there isn’t much to talk about other than Sam. One NFL assistant coach called Sam’s decision “not a smart move,” as he said it “legitimately affects [his] potential earnings.” –

I congratulate Michael Sam on his announcement and I can only hope acceptance follows. but looking at this as a business decision it wasn’t a smart move. Dropping from potentially being selected in the third round to not at all wasn’t the best idea.

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