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Michael Sam: hypocrite

Michael Sam has come out as gay. He also wants to be a professional football player. Could the two be related?

When he was interviewed during the NFL Combine in Indianapolis he insisted that he wanted to be know as Michael Sam, football player, and not Michael Sam, gay football player. Well then, Mr. Sam, why did you come out?

Unless he's supremely stupid, he had to know that each side of the gay rights issue would use him. Those against homosexual rights would view him as a pariah while those who supported him would use him to advance their cause. This leads to a very interesting question: is he in fact the one using the gay rights movement for himself?

He wants to be known as a football player yet showed up for interviews during the Combine wearing a 'Stand with Sam' lapel pin. It wasn't exactly subtle.

You know what we think? We think he's using gay rights as a way of improving his chances of playing in the NFL. He's effectively encouraging any given NFL team to become a part of history in picking him for their roster. Yet if all he wanted to prove was that he could be a professional football player, if that was truly at the front of his mind, he wouldn't have said anything until he was successfully on a team. He would have become a football player first, if that's really what he wanted.

Whether you're for or against gay rights, this is hypocrisy. That doesn't matter to conservatives, who know liberal hypocrisy well. But it should matter to the gay rights crusade, who ought not like being used as a tool by a man intent on making big money at their expense.

Alas, as we have said before, the left wants what they want because they want it. There doesn't have to rhyme nor rhythm. If Michael Sam wants to mock them on his way to riches, let him. Gay rights supporters still get what they want: an openly gay player in a he-man sport. All will be well in their little selfish and self serving world.

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