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Michael Muhney's social media success increases TV opportunities

Muhney's unique on-screen passion allowed him to steal every Genoa City scene that he was written into.
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Michael Muhney earned the devotion of daytime fans through his complex portrayal of 'Adam Newman' on 'The Young and the Restless'. His choice to remain connected with the public represents an honest outreach, sustains his brand and increases future entertainment opportunities.

The unexpected removal of a soap star in the now-distant past could easily tarnish a career. However, social media access enables actors to bypass traditional media sources and maintain direct connections in the modern era.

Muhney's unique on-screen passion allowed him to steal every Genoa City scene that he was written into. Speaking during the week of his YR termination last December, the self-reflective thespian speculated that his outspoken nature may have contributed to his departure.

Recently, Muhney's mother advised her Twitter followers that she would respond to questions about matters they felt were unresolved. Her genuine public effort fit into an evolving 'press conference' form. Connecting with fans has often been smart. Doing so in today's age simply means that all interactions are amplified through diverse social media platforms.

The public is increasingly supplanting old-school information sources in ways that might not be recognizable. These ongoing interactions are generating new, or confirmed, pieces of information every day. In other words, news is being created without the involvement of traditional reporters.

The author of this digital space believes that this new media world order offers mostly positive opportunities for all involved. The public has earned seats at a large world table through its collective force. Call it 'fan power', if you like. Sharp public figures, as well as those who are connected to them, clearly recognize the deep relevance of it all.

Muhney smartly connected with the public through social media long before global awareness of his contract status was accessed through countless devices in December 2013. The former YR employee took to the computer-based stage again this spring after a period of inactivity. His easily-recognizable written voice remains self-effacing, fan-friendly and firmly intact.

Even though he's been off everyone's HD screens for awhile, Muhney has enhanced his career options by maintaining ties with an established fan base. Each broadcast network, cable channel or other media entity is surely aware that it can tap into his popularity whenever the right time arrives. And that is one way this segment of the entertainment industry can continue to thrive.

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