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Michael Muhney's name mysteriously missing from Daytime Emmy pre-nominations

 Adam Newman electrified Genoa City since Muhney assumed his fabulous role in 2009.
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Michael Muhney's very public departure from 'The Young and the Restless' has been mentioned in every digital dimension for the past few months. Today's announcement that his name wasn't among the pre-nominees for this year's Daytime Emmy Awards is highly-mysterious.

Politics is woven into every aspect of the work world. Established, or developed, connections, often lead directly to job opportunities. Obviously, people generally don't hire their enemies. They generally employ, protect and promote family and friends. That does, of course, assume that everything is hunky-dory with all parties involved in any field of employment.

The public was never told why Muhney was fired from the iconic CBS' steamer days before Christmas 2013 arrived. Rumors, some purposefully parsed quotes offered by the main participants in those real-life scenes and rampant speculation that involved Hunter King, pushed YR's ratings to an eight-year high by the start of 2014. But, that behind-the-scenes story was never detailed, which made it all the more intriguing.

In a highly-sensitive modern world everyone understands that messages can be sent by corporations, or by all of the apparatuses that are connected to them, in a variety of ways. So, depending upon personal perception, daytime enthusiasts can conclude why Muhney's name was left off this year's pre-nominee Daytime Emmy Award list, if he asked that it not be included for whatever reason or if there is some other unknown explanation.

Honest soap opera observers know that 'Adam Newman' electrified Genoa City since Muhney assumed his fabulous role in 2009. This nomination season could also easily be considered as the actor's best work to-date.

Possibly, at some future point, the ongoing off-screen cliffhanger will eventually be revealed, resolved or both. Until then, viewers will remain in the dark.

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