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Michael Muhney's mom tweets some truths about her son

Michael Muhney
Michael Muhney

Michael Muhney is in the news again, the "twitterverse" news this time. It seems @michaels_mom has answered some questions Michael's fans have wanted to know for a very long time.

We all know that Michael Muhney was let go from The Young and the Restless and was last seen on screen at the end of January and since then his fans have been loudly proclaiming his innocence and demanding he be rehired ASAP. They have left Y&R in droves and have caused a big loss in viewers.

Since Michael Muhney follows her on his Twitter account and she directly interacts with him and he tweets about her, this seems a clear indication that she is the real deal, Michael's mom. I feel I can report about this in good faith.

Michael's mother answered questions that her twitter friends had asked her about her son. She loudly and proudly stated that Michael's reasons about why he believed he was let go from Y&R were true and that no one has stopped him from talking about it at anytime past or present. She added that the unbelievable rumors about his leaving were all totally false.

Michael's mother answered the question on everyone's mind, that being if Michael Muhney will return as 'Adam Newman', or would he be going somewhere else in the near future. Her answer: “Michael is waiting for the right contract with the right offer. When he sees one he likes, he'll take it.”

Muhney did not have anything to do with this twitter q&a, but it would a clear bet that he gave her the okay to answer truthfully and positively. Thousands of people will read her answers and will criticize them, but his fans will take this to be the truth and hope that he comes back television in the very near future.

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