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Michael Muhney's mom speaks out: Disappointed in harsh 'Y&R' fan reactions

Michael Muhney's mom speaks out on fan's reactions
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Michael Muhney's last day on “The Young & the Restless” is Thursday, and his #TeamMuhney fans are not shy about voicing their opinions over what what has gone down. Things have gotten a bit rough in the "Y&R" landscape over Muhney's firing, and on Jan. 27 Michael's mom took to Twitter to try to calm things down a bit.

Muhney's mom has previously thanked the fans for their support after the shocking “The Young & the Restless” firing of Michael Muhney. Fans have been outraged, and many have been firing back at the head honchos and others they feel are responsible.

Now, Michael's mother is asking people to take a step back. She tweeted, “Really disappointed in fans negativity and taunting cast, crew and execs at Y&R. Please don't associate that harassment with Michael's name.”

Several of Muhney's mom's followers were quick to point out that many of Michael's fans have been respectful, and she shared that she noted and appreciated it. Fans have gone to great lengths to try to right the wrong they feel has come about in this difficult situation, but few are feeling satisfied.

Michael Muhney's last day as Adam Newman on “The Young & the Restless” is Thursday, Jan. 30. Many of Muhney's fans say they have either tuned out of “Y&R” already, or will after Thursday's show. While fans are still angry with those behind the firing, others look ahead to where their favorite actor may land next. Will Michael Muhney's mom's plea have an effect on the fans who are so passionate in how they're handling their frustration over Muhney's firing?

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