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Michael Muhney fans happy to learn about new movie role

Muhney was the best soap opera actor since Michael Zaslow became Roger Thorpe on the beloved Guiding Light many years ago.
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Some people develop deep personal connections with entertainment stars. This is clearly true for some who consider themselves to be Michael Muhney fans. Those devotees, more than another other current group of soap opera supporters, surely were happy to have recently learned about Muhney's new movie role through his personal Twitter account. For them, this star's life became an important part of their own.

The talented actor's run on 'The Young and the Restless' came to an end last December for reasons that were never fully explained, or confirmed. Reasonable reviews of all that was seen in the social media scene, or through traditional media sources, since served to reveal some interesting information. Some of the news that developed actually reflected on the fans themselves, more so than this talented actor.

A sizable contingent of individuals were incredibly offended by Muhney's termination. That was understandable because serialized TV shows are intended to attract additive personalities to the small screen. Of course, that's often the direct intent of those who sell massive movie panels, or hand held digital devices, as well. People naturally connect with those who they admire.

Some fans appear to have very sensitive souls which are formed through their biological composition and experiences in life, among other things. This author cautions those people to not overreact to what has been written so far, or next, as he has openly followed the daytime drama scene for many decades. And, he created a series of complimentary pieces about Muhney, who (in his opinion) is the best soap opera actor since Michael Zaslow became Roger Thorpe on the beloved 'Guiding Light' many years ago.

These final scenes may not digest well with some entertainment eaters. But, alas, the truth within them isn't possible to honestly deny.

It's completely reasonable to be bothered by how the entire Muhney matter went down, but still enjoy watching YR. Those who defamed Muhney, or anyone else connected to the show, did so based on loose information, at best. It's also unusual to divorce oneself from anything entertainment related based upon any one incident, or to claim said incident represented a tipping point.

There's no question that the force of group influences, which includes countless strangers, seems to have unnaturally affected a variety of people since that fateful December day when it was announced that 'Adam Newman's' days were numbered. But, let's remember that the vast majority of the public doesn't know, has never met and likely will never have any direct personal connection to anyone who was, is or will ever be connected to that CBS' show.

Most, if not all, members of the public had and continue to have access to zero real facts. Most, if not all, of their thoughts and conclusions have been formed through speculation. That reflects a personality trait, rather than information to build upon.

Anyone who respects the talent Muhney fully retains should look forward to seeing him on the big screen, or in whatever other roles (including TV) he may find, or rediscover. Reasonable minds can also still enjoy the daytime slot he once appeared within as well.

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