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Michael Muhney fans bid farewell, continue support after actor's last 'Y&R' show

Michael Muhney's last episode on 'The Young and the Restless' has aired
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Fans of Michael Muhney had to bid farewell to their favorite actor in the role of Adam Newman Thursday as his final episode of “The Young & the Restless” aired. The actor's firing has been quite controversial, but the “Team Muhney” fans have made it clear they're sticking by his side. On Jan. 30 one group of fans watched as a banner they created flew over the CBS studios in Los Angeles and the photos were shared on Twitter.

The #TeamMuhney banner said, “#TeamMuhney walks with Michael” and flew over the studios Thursday afternoon. Some folks involved in the effort were disappointed, because it seems the banner wasn't put together with the full message the group intended. However, the group's point was made and surely Michael Muhney and his family embrace the sentiment. This was the second banner the group had put together to fly over CBS studios with a message of support for the "The Young & the Restless" actor.

Many “Y&R” fans are quite angry with the direction the show has taken, both in terms of storylines and with the firing of Muhney. Quite a few say they are now done watching the show in the wake of Muhney's firing and exit. How bad will the carnage be in terms of ratings? That remains to be seen. Muhney has stayed quiet on social media since the explosion of rumors hit the Internet regarding his firing. Fans don't know where the actor will pop up next, but it's clear wherever Michael Muhney heads, a lot of fans will be happy to follow.

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