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Michael Muhney fans affecting the soap opera scene

Muhney fans are deeply passionate people.
Muhney fans are deeply passionate people.
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Michael Muhney fans are deeply passionate people. Their collective efforts to support a modern soap opera icon have sustained this actor's career, along with his own smart social media interactions. In consideration of today's rampant technology use, this group of individuals is easily savvy enough to realize that they became part of an ongoing story. Their goal is to promote Muhney's career because they believe his talent connects to something within their own lives.

Make no mistake, single-issue voters pack a wallop at the voting booth within the world of politics. And, the politics of division, or inclusion (based upon one's perspective) has always offered powerful persuasions to all sides.

No one writer speaks for all others. Only ego would make any soap fan believe that he, or she, speaks for all others, or groups of others, as well. And of course, only those writers, or fans, who witnessed the events they have only read about would speak with certainty about anything. All other honest individuals would preface their comments with pause.

In case any reader has been in a soap opera coma since last winter, here's what went down: Muhney was inexplicably terminated from his high-profile position on 'The Young and the Restless' last December. Just before Christmas, no less. Engaged segments of the viewing public, meaning those people who aren't shy about expressing their opinions (which is their right) began to loudly type questions as a result. But, then something else happened. Those people, the fans, remain engaged.

Modern social media connections foster hyperspeed interactions with others who are generally like-minded. That internet enabled access turned one person's apparently unjust job loss into a cause.

This issue polarized CBS' daytime fans, or those who temporarily watched YR before the ill-fated date of January 30, 2014. Some were outraged that a beloved star would be sliced from the cast for no logical reason. Later, still-unconfirmed rumors appeared that raised unsubstantiated questions about the details of Muhney's removal and about the words and actions of others seen on-, or off-screen. That's when Jill Farren Phelps' name became a renewed focal point, in some circles.

No one who has publicly defamed anyone's character stands on high ground. And, to be totally clear, anyone who used social media methods to cast aspersions about any YR actor, off-screen crew member or executive, is being directly referenced at this point. Balanced minds don't operate in that manner. But, of course, one never actually knows how anyone behaves inside their own life.

Certain personality types decided, with opinions they believed represented facts, to form conclusions. This digital space doesn't represent a courtroom, but seated readers get the gist of that moral twist. This entire paragraph could represent either side of the YR fight and was intentionally created to further prove that perception causes everyone to live within different realities.

And that, all fellow soap opera friends, is actually what this entire side story has been about from scene one. Emotional, or combative, personalities rant, neutral ones hope for compromise and passive people simply watch the world unfold. All parties have been heard.

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