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Michael Muhney fan numbers can be counted

Fan numbers translate to entertainment power.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

How many actual Michael Muhney fans are there? More importantly, why does that group number matter to those who rule Hollywoodland?

All statistics, related to anything, can be rationally disputed, or branded as unreal from a personal perspective. So, let's count first and debate later.

During the last week of January, approximately 5.8 million viewers watched 'The Young and the Restless' on CBS. Those who saw Muhney's performance as 'Adam Newman' would likely consider themselves to be a fan of his work. As to how many in that group were, or became, single-issue supporters connects directly to perceived power.

Approximately 1.5 million more viewers than normal were watching their TV screens, or other digital devices, when Muhney's character was last seen in Genoa City. If that number represents an actual contingent, his career will continue to play well.

YR was most recently seen by an average of 4.478 million viewers per day during the week that ended on July 11, 2014, which was an increase of approximately 157,000 viewers from the prior week. Average Nielsen numbers falling between the 4.3 million and 4.5 million viewer lines have held steady since before executive producer Jill Farren Phelps' first official episode was seen in October 2012.

Nielsen's numbers are scientific, but aren't offered as a definitive statement inside this space. On the other hand (inside joke intended for those who don't take themselves, or the soap opera genre, too seriously), people are welcome to provide some type of statistical evidence which counters this evidence.

Despite loud outcries and persistent wails of impending doom, YR has survived. The same sentiment can be offered regarding Muhney himself, who recently advised his Twitter followers that he started filming a movie this week.

So, would it be reasonable to say that Muhney's presence within Genoa City during an applauded four-year run was solely responsible for a fleeting 5.8 million viewer count, or the regular 4 million-plus daily average? Can it honestly be claimed that there really are 1.5 million viewers who are so enamored with one actor that their gathered virtual gang will force Hollywoodland to do as it commands?

Let's get real. YR has ranked at the top of daytime's soap opera ratings for 27 consecutive years because more people support that show than any other that has been, or is still, available. This soap is still engages millions of fans each day. Apparently most, who aren't entertainment snobs, like what they see overall. If that's not true, why are they watching?

Muhney is a terrific actor who has clearly generated a passionate public response before, during and after his time on YR. The author of this digital page considers his work to be consistently excellent and among the best he's seen in decades on the daytime screen.

Muhney has more than 88,000 Twitter followers, a number that probably represents his most ardent fans. But, that number doesn't include those who lack Twitter, or other, visible social media connections.

One TV show isn't bigger than all entertainment fans in all instances. One executive isn't bigger than one soap opera, in most cases. One actor isn't bigger than a TV show, in most cases. One group of single-issue fans, with whatever their actual group size, aren't more important than all others. And, (cliffhanger moment) one writer's opinions and facts aren't intended to represent all knowledge in the world.

Supporters, detractors, or those who are neutral toward all involved in this story can accept, reject or continue to consider what every opinion and each fact means. Projections that are shown on any screen, including this one, are always intended to reflect what's inside the receivers. That's the partial point of all publicly offered work.

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