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Michael Lohan DNA test: MiLo is father of teen girl

Michael Lohan's DNA test revealed that LiLo's father is also the father of a 17-year-old girl named Ashley Horn. Lohan had an affair with Ashley's mother Kristi Horn while he was still married to his current ex-wife Dina. Their brief, illicit relationship resulted in an illegitimate daughter, Ashley. In 1995, when their affair produced a child, MiLo was temporarily separated from his wife, according to the LA Times.

Ashley Horn, Kristi Horn and Michael Lohan appeared together on "The Trisha Goddard Show" on Nov. 15, 2012 for the big DNA test reveal when it was disclosed publicly that Lohan had indeed fathered a love child nearly two decades ago. That's where things got really strange. Lohan's former lover kept their child a secret from him until 2005 when a paternity test revealed that her husband was not Ashley's biological dad. Despite the dramatic unveiling of Michael Lohan's DNA test results, the Lohan family patriarch has known that Ashley was his daughter since mid-2008 when he submitted to a DNA test. A judge had his name added to her birth certificate in December that same year.

Why did Michael Lohan agree to the big televised production revealing the results of his DNA test when he initially took a paternity test four years ago? Only Lohan knows for sure, but perhaps it has something to do with getting in front of the television cameras. A reality television show about Lohan and Kate Gosselin's infamous ex-husband Jon Gosselin never materialized. The show was supposed to document the lives of divorced dads.

Michael Lohan is about to become the father of another illegitimate child soon. His on-again/off-again romance with Jon Gosselin's ex-girlfriend Kate Major has borne fruit. She is expecting Lohan's baby, and TMZ has the baby bump photos to prove it.

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