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Michael Kors Opens in Columbiana Mall

Michael Kors opened Friday at Columbiana Mall as what they're calling a soft opening. Soft, maybe. Quiet, not the least. The store, with its chic and modern layout and decor, was buzzing with shoppers. Some who were just curious, but mainly those who'd been awaiting the MK arrival.

Images of the Michael Kors store in Columbiana Mall
Images taken with Samsung Mega

Prior to the store opening, Columbia shoppers only had the choice to purchase MK's luxury products in limited selection at department stores or discount retailers, like TJ Maxx (oftentimes the merchandise being defective or out of season), or online. Now they can try the products first hand before buying, match and coordinate with other MK products, and receive high quality, first rate care from the model like sales team.

They excitement was obvious as customers browsed display cases and shelves. One customer even made three trips to the store, purchasing approximately $3000 in MK goods*. Mk's bright and appealing design lured shoppers of all ages and interests, with mainly one thing in common-- their adoration for the brand.

*Based on the account of a store staff member

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