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Michael Kittrell imitates Mema on ‘Hollywood Hillbillies’

Michael Kittrell is imitating his grandmother Mema on the “Hollywood Hillbillies” while competing with his aunt and uncle for the best impression. On Feb. 26, the official Facebook page for the show revealed a video that shows off their imitations. Most fans on the page voted for Kittrell to win based on his impression of Mema.

Michael Kittrell
Michael KittrellPhoto by Angela Weiss
Michael Kittrell
Michael Kittrell Photo by Angela Weiss

Mema may be a beloved member of the family, but this does not stop them from mocking her favorite terms and imitating her voice. “Hollywood Hillbillies” has already been compared to “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” and this time the family has decided to pick up the TLC show’s occasional tradition of doing impressions.

Mema is quickly becoming the fan favorite on the reality show, and Kittrell’s suggestion of turning her into a talking doll might happen if fans show an interest. Kittrell, his aunt Dee Dee Peters and his uncle John Cox previously discussed Mema’s potential reaction to seeing the paparazzi. The family is convinced her no-nonsense style and frequent cursing would scare off any photographers. Peters also thinks she would grab her gun and go after any paparazzi that dared cross her path, but Kittrell thinks she would only give warning shots.

The grandmother on “Hollywood Hillbillies” is at the heart of the show and a fan favorite. She may be easy to imitate, but she is still responsible for holding her family together and generating more interest for the reality show.