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Michael Johns dead: 'American Idol' star dies at the age of 35

Michael Johns
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"American Idol" fans are shocked to hear the news today of the death of Michael Johns. He was a fan favorite on the show and he has now passed away at the young age of just 35. On Saturday, TMZ shared the news of his death. It was all totally unexpected. He passed away on Friday.

He was on the show back in 2007. Michael Johns did place 8th, but he still had a huge fan base even though he was not in the top three of the show. Michael even recorded an album after leaving the show and continued on with his music career. His album was called "Hold Back My Heart." Michael is survived by his wife Stacey Vuvuris. The two were married in 2007.

At this time, there is not a lot of information out about his death. It is being reported that it was from a blood clot in his ankle, but nothing else is out at this time. Fans are shocked and it was totally unexpected. The news is just now starting to spread on Saturday and most of them might not even realize that he passed away yet.

His official Twitter page has not announced anything at all. The last thing that he said was that he was going into the study back in July to record more music. It looks like Michael Johns was still working hard on his career and music was his priority. Fans were replying to him like crazy that they were excited about the new album that would be coming out soon.

The death of Michael Johns has been reported in various places online, but nobody is saying anything else about what happened to him. Hopefully the family of this "American Idol" alumni will come out with a bit more information to share with the fans. He was an amazing musician and will be greatly missed by many.

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