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Michael Jai White brings the pain in the first trailer for 'Falcon Rising'

There are martial arts action stars and then there is Michael Jai White. Unlike most action stars he has successfully branched out into a variety of genres, but thankfully never fails to return to action world. He is easily one of the most intense and skilled martial arts actors around showcasing both acting ability and martial arts prowess like no other. Finally this action icon is getting what looks to be his own franchise with his latest film Falcon Rising aka Favela in the Codename: Falcon series.

Official Poster
Moonstone Entertainment

The film follows former marine John "Falcon" Chapman, a dark anti-hero driven by guilt and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, who will destroy himself unless given something else to destroy - a useful weapon-of-last-resort for the U.S. State Department. When Chapman's sister is brutally attacked while on assignment in Brazil, Chapman flies into Sao Paulo to track down her assailants, quickly entering the city's seedy underbelly and discovering a world of drugs, the sex trade, corrupt cops, and organized crime syndicates battling for control.

As if having White leading the charge wasn’t already enough the film also stars Neal McDonough, Laila Ali and Lateef Crowder to help bring the story and take the action to the next level. Fans have been eagerly awaiting this film’s release ever since it was announced and stills started showing up online. Now according to White’s Twitter the film is scheduled to unleash on September 5th and they have released the trailer as well that you can check out here now.

White has been putting in work for years and deserves a badass franchise, so get out there and support it when Falcon Rising hits stores in September.

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