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Michael Jackson: Who is the father update - Michael or Joe Jackson?

Brandon Howard claims he has DNA proof that he was the long lost son of Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop”. Now there is a question in the air that maybe that can be misdirected and Michael Jackson isn’t the man who fathered him but rather the King of Pop’s pop, Joe Jackson who is really the one who is responsible for his being.

Brandon Howard wants to reveal - Who is my father?
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According to an updated story on March 6 from the NY Daily Times and E! Online there is a new twist happening. One of the hit songs Michael Jackson had that was introduced to the world in 1982 was called “Billie Jean”. The lyrics clearly state that “The kid is not my son.” Did Michael know this about Brandon Howard way back then and was just covering for a family secret he knew about his father?

It seems that the Jackson family has been aware of Brandon for years but never put any merit to his claims. Now they will have to wait for the results like everyone else to know for sure. Speculation is that Michael is the father and is now doubted saying that Joe is the one who sired this man years ago. Michael either has another son or another brother.

To make matters worse another singer, Augie Johnson has also stated that he is the father of Brandon Howard. This puts a new spin on things and fans, family members and the entire Jackson legal team we’re sure will want to know the real answer to the many questions this has raised recently.

Dr. Joseph Goodman who is a dentist in Beverly Hills says he had a test done which proved a 99.9 percent match to Michael. No the test didn’t have any names attached to it so proving the DNA was Michaels may bring up more questions. His proof came from a dental device that Michael used at the time he produced the hit “Thriller”.

Brandon says he is making good money and can take care of himself as well as being taken care of well but not by whom. He also said that he is not interested in suing the Jackson estate. No one really knows for sure if his claims are true and if he’ll keep his word about not going after the estate. Time will tell as well as if the DNA results are conclusive or not. This may be just a way for Howard to give his career a bigger boost if proven he is in fact related to the late Michael Jackson or Michael’s father, Joe Jackson. Notoriety does make a difference in the celebrity light and lime light of a singer and performer. We all look forward to hearing what the final decision will be and who really did father this man.

Who is the father of Brandon – Michael, Joe or Augie?

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