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Michael Jackson's "This Is It" visits MTV in 2011

Michael Jackson was truly an artist who earned his iconic status. He was born a pure talent and from the age of five was molded into one of the worlds greatest performers. His untimely departure has indeed left a void that will not be filled any time soon. Michael Jackson's song catalog encompassed everything from rhythm & blues, gospel, pop to rock & roll. The documentary, "This Is It" is absolutely magnificent and a must see for those who truly appreciate the artistry and wonderful gift that Michael Jackson contributed to the world.


This amazing documentary will soon be televised on basic cable. MTV has acquired the rights to air the film in 2011, a deal that includes all of the domestic channels under MTV Networks, including VH1, VH1 Classic and Palladia. The arrangement also extends to Viacom's BET Networks, according to a press release issued by MTV. Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing, the film has reached $222.6 million in box office receipts worldwide.