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Michael Jackson's "This Is It" shows MJ's true passion for performance


Photo: Sony Pictures

The record breaking and ground breaking documentary film, Michael Jackson's "This Is It" is much more than a showcase of the final preparations for what was to be his final tour, but also a glimpse into the genius mind of Michael Jackson.

It was clear early on that Michael demanded perfection in every detail of the show. He knew exactly what he wanted, how he wanted the audience to feel, the timing of every drum beat and sound sample all the way down to the tone of the keyboard.

This film gives an amazing and up-close glimpse into the production of a Michael Jackson concert experience.  The "This Is It Tour" was going to be revolutionary on so many levels, only a true showman such as Michael could pull it off.

His singing and dancing was better than ever; showing no sign of weakness, MJ commanded the stage, even in rehearsals. You will often times find yourself wanting to applaude along with the crew after a song had completed as they gave the King of Pop a standing ovation on more than one occassion.

Michael also brought something else to the table - something a little extra that can be summed up in one word. Edge. Not only did MJ want the music to sound exactly as it did one the record, but he also wanted it to be able to move the audience. From the heavy rendition of "Beat It" to the emotional and inspiring tones of "Man in the Mirror", Michael was sure to bring a rollercoaster of emotions to the stage.

Furthermore, adding the finishing touches to the show, the production crew certainly raised the bar with high-tech stage props, pyrotechnics, an amazing compilation and pre-production video along with a light display to dazzle the eye.

If you have already seen this film, then this article isn't telling you anything you haven't already experienced for yourself. If you haven't seen this film, you may want to take the time. This raw and personal collection of video will give you an idea of what Michael was truly like, the passion he had for his craft and the last chance to experience what was to be one of the greatest tours of all time.

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