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Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT is a beautiful tribute to the King of Pop!

(Photo Credit: Tamika RobinsonCarter)
(Photo Credit: Tamika RobinsonCarter)

 Michael Jackson This Is It premiere
Credit: Robinson-Carter

All day long yesterday between tweeting and being at work, I was counting down the time when I would be at the theatre to see "This Is It". So when 9pm came and me and my husband arrived at the Severance movie theatre and I saw a line and then people leaving from the previous showings and asking how long the movie was going to be there because they want to come again, I knew it was going to be a good night.

When we got the little passes I felt of the 1st to see this beautiful tribute to the King of Pop.

Then picture taking and then to the theatre and all the people going to the 9:30,and 10:00 shows were out in the front talking. People excited and wondering how the movie was going to be. Finally as I went into the theatre the usual boring commericals and coming attractions were on and on and on.

Getting frustrated here but it's worth the wait for you MJ...About time the movie is starting...

The beginning does feel like you are watching a documentary as the dancers look in the camera and tell how they are all lucky to be in MJ's presence and blessed to be working with him. Then HELLO Michael Jackson singing "Wanna Be Starting Something". But the coolest thing was the logo "MICHAEL JACKSON'S THIS IS IT". Can you say softee here?

Without me giving away a lot of the movie, which is an experience if you get a chance to witness it during the two week engagement, you will be rocking in your seats one minute and tears streaming down the next.

MJ was loved by all the crew. If he wanted something changed or done right he would say "It's all in LOVE".

Some of my favorite parts were the spilit screen action,how director Kenny Ortega had MJ singing and dancing and it was different rehearsals, the new movies he shot to play in the beginning of certain sogs like "Smooth Criminal", "Thriller", "They Don't Care About Us",etc.,his two guitar players jam session after "Black or White",the J5 melody,and it goes on and on.

But my two favorites had to be MJ singng my favorite song "Human Nature" and "Billie Jean"...for 50 years old and supposedly addicted to painkillers...MJ was dancing like it was 1982-1983.

This reminded me of a concert film not a documentary and some parts you felt like you were actually there at the "This Is It" concert. I loved every minute of it!!!

I loved the end when it said Michael Jackson... King of Pop... Love Lives Forever and that is so very true!!!

I believe this will break box office records and I will be getting this remarkable movie on DVD and you should too!!!

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  • MEJ 5 years ago

    Going 2 see it this weekend cannot wait.look like u had fun.

  • Becky, Cleve. Family Examiner 5 years ago

    I'm so glad it was a good show.He was a brilliant singer and dancer. Tragic that growing up with fame was such a struggle for him. Michael will never be forgotten.