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Michael Jackson's alleged son's DNA test results are 'Terminator'-style fake

The DNA tests for Michael Jackson's son are right out of the "Terminator" franchise.
The DNA tests for Michael Jackson's son are right out of the "Terminator" franchise.

Many people try to trick others into getting money or fame or something else, but not all efforts are always worth it. Brandon Howard has been trying desperately that he is the son of late pop star Michael Jackson, and even went as far as to provide DNA results. As TMZ pointed out on March 7, 2014, those DNA test results were fake and right off the pages of a "Terminator" script.

Alki David, of, reported that he had DNA results to prove that 31-year-old singer Brandon Howard is indeed the biological son of Michael Jackson.

The results shown by Alki gave a 99.99999 percent probability that Jackson was indeed Howard's dad.

Well, TMZ got a photographic copy of the DNA results presented, and they do indeed show the information that Alki revealed. The celebrity website decided to do a little research and they figured out a few things about the alleged results.

First, the "DNA Lab" that was said to do the test in Ireland, could not be found.

Second, DNA test result templates are available all over the Internet and can be formatted to say whatever you want them to say.

Lastly, the DNA strand logo at the top of the page looked mighty familiar to a lot of people. TMZ ran it through Google Image Search and came up with the result that it is the same logo that was used on promotional T-shirts for the film, "Terminator Salvation."

One would think that if someone is trying to get money out of Michael Jackson's estate, they'd be willing to spend a little more on their ruse.

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