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Michael Jackson rape and molestation case: Wade Robson seeks $1.62 billion

Wade Robson has a $1.62 billion lawsuit against the Michael Jackson estate
Wade Robson has a $1.62 billion lawsuit against the Michael Jackson estate
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Wade Robson, a 31-year-old dance choreographer born in Brisbane, Australia, is accusing the late pop singer Michael Jackson of having molested and raped him when he was a child, according to an Inquisitr report on Tuesday. Robson has made the allegation that he was extensively molested and raped by Jackson. He also says that Jackson called him “son.”

According to Robson, he and the pop star met when he was just five years old. He asserts that he was raped by Jackson systematically from the age of seven through 14 years of age. The new lawsuit claims that the abuse had happened at Michael Jackson’s Santa Barbara County ranch – and other unnamed locations – from 1990 through 1997. The lawsuit is seeking $1.62 billion.

The lawsuit sports 111 pages of documentation in which Robson claims he was forced to pose naked during sex acts. He additionally claims that Jackson told him, as Robson got older, that he was not to say anything about their interactions because both of their careers – Jackson’s and Robson’s would be over and they would go to jail. The claims made by the lawsuit have been dismissed as being preposterous and outrageous by lawyers for Michael Jackson’s estate. They are rejecting the claims totally.

It is also alleged that Jackson invited Robson and his entire family to spend time at his ranch in 1990. Jackson’s company also is said to have helped Robson apply for a United States work visa. His mother, Joy, was also said to have been employed by the Jackson company, MJJ Productions, in 1991. Though Robson may find his list of claims compelling, Jackson’s estate has requested the court to reject the claims.

Specifically, the lawsuit has asked the Jackson Estate to admit that certain activities had occurred between Jackson and Robson. Those activities include – but are not limited to – Jackson showering naked with Robson, Jackson putting his hand over Robson’s clothed penis, putting his hand inside Wade Robson’s underpants, taking Wade Robson’s hand and putting it over Jackson’s clothed penis, and taking Wade Robson’s hand and putting it inside Jackson’s underpants. Other activities are more explicit, including the allegation of mutual fellatio and penetration, according to Radar Online.

Jackson’s estate says that Robson waited much too long to file a lawsuit. Additionally, the estate asserts that the only other person who would have knowledge about the accusations regarding their relationship is Michael Jackson. Obviously, Jackson is not alive to contest the charges against him, as he has been dead for more than five years. Finally, it is documented that Robson testified – under oath in a courtroom – that Michael Jackson had never sexually abused him. That testimony, given in 2005, helped Jackson beat molestation charges in California. The court’s job is to determine the validity of Wade Robson’s lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s estate.

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