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Michael Jackson movie startin' something


"This Is It" Poster
Sony Pictures

One-two-three-four: “So yuh wanna be startin’ something,” white glove in and what started out as a concert production of grand Michael Jackson’s performance for limited tour displays, is now a monumental documentary movie for all, since the death of MJ on June 25th 2009 haulted all production of the “This is it concert.” As most are inclined to believe that the movie is a biography of the ledgendary white gloved man, it is instead a mosaic of Michael’s final days during his last concert production. Despite his unfortunate passing, most would agree that Michael Jackson would have been proud of the new album release of “This is it,” and what theatre goers are expecting appears to be nothing short of epic. As noted by “This is it’s” tour director and creative partner, Kenny Ortega, every Michael Jackson production is made from grand scales, big budgets and meticulous thought and effort.

Kenny Ortega

Tour director, Kenny Ortega further explains that the footage for the film “was captured from the early stages of the production to our technical rehearsals at the STAPLES Center in L.A. will show Michael as he truly was, creatively involved with every aspect of the production, from the staging and choreography, to the music, lighting, production design and conception of the original short films and video backdrops. "This Is It" was Michael's last theatrical work and although it was still a work in progress, I think the footage will show that the process was something that Michael deeply enjoyed."

Interview With Kenny Ortega

Produced with the support of Michael Jackson’s Estate, the film “This is it,” Chronicles selective moments of Jackson’s rehearsals from over one hundred hours of behind-the-scenes footage over the months from April to June, 2009. This private look into Jackson as he has never been seen before, will only be available in theatres for a limited two-week engagement beginning on Wednesday, October 28, with global premieres on Tuesday, October 27th 2009.

 This Is It Trailer

CD SetAccompanying this film’s Oct 28th theatrical release is a two-disc CD set featuring music from the film and a 36-page commemorative booklet with photos of MJ at his last rehearsal. Sony Music Entertainment’s Columbia/Epic Label Group will have an international release of the CD set today and will be available for our North American market on October 27th.


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  • Roger D. 5 years ago

    Looks to be something big. I wonder why they're only releasing the movie for just 2 weeks.