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Michael Jackson had his last moonwalk in 'This Is It' Documentary

The famous glove that Michael Jackson wore to the 1983 Grammy Awards where he performed Billie Jean,
The famous glove that Michael Jackson wore to the 1983 Grammy Awards where he performed Billie Jean,
AP Photo/Zak Hussein/PA Wire

Michael Jackson showed his last steps in “THIS IS IT” documentary which hit theaters just before Halloween. This film could change an audience's impression of who the singer is without the media hype.

He was the man with the famous silver glove.

Some people may have looked at him as strange or eccentric —largely due to the media hype that engulfed Jackson's composure as a decent person.

However, Director Kenny Ortega did a great job showing that Jackson was someone who was very loving and caring. Ortega showed fans a magnificent concert tour that would have had its world premiere at London's O2 Arena. This film showed how much hard work and commitment an amazing performance requires from Jackson's entire entourage of dancers, singers, instrument players, lighting technicians, wardrobe designers, voice coaches and production designers. Jackson worked diligently with each one of the team members by correcting their errors, since he wanted everything to be perfect.

Jackson was still a kid at heart. He licked a lollipop between rehearsals in the film. The film had the power to show how hard Jackson and his team had to work to give fans a great show. Jackson was someone who kindly corrected the pianist or guitarist if they did not have the right beat, which happened a couple of times throughout the film. Jackson's tiptop physical shape and surplus energy level made it hard to believe that he died on June 25.

The film opened up with emotional interviews with the dancers who won the dance auditions to be on Jackson's dance team. Most of the dancers were in tears when they learned that they made it on Jackson's dance team at their auditions at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. Ortega did a great job selecting the dancers, who could jump high in the air, do back flips and cartwheels on stage. Beside Jackson on stage, it was hard to believe that Jackson was at least 30 years older than his dancers.

The film made Jackson seem to be present in the room, dancing and singing the night away with his famous moonwalks and sparkling outfits. Jackson had a tendency to use gestures when he spoke to the crew, which showed how expressive he was. This film did a good job giving the audience a close look at Jackson, seeing that he was a nice man who cared. Jackson's Thriller comeback was an awesome climax of the film, especially when the ghouls were supposed to fly off the stage during a live concert.

“THIS IS IT” also had a glimpse of the “Jackson 5,” which is very well-remembered by the middle-aged population. On screen, Jackson is a child prodigy who could sing and dance so naturally, as well as he could blink his eyes. This specific scene made it hard to realize that Jackson was once an innocent child who had a huge talent in music. It even became more heart-wrenching to realize that this 5-year-old child did not know how his life would end—at the age of 50.

“THIS IS IT” also showed that Jackson had a huge heart for Mother Earth. He launched a song about the environment, with images of adorable furry animals like bunnies and bears. The images also included sea life. This scene shows that Jackson is a caring man, not someone who just wanted to make money.

Overall, this film gives Jackson an opportunity to show who he is as a person and to erase away all the dirty media hype. The audience will leave reassured that Jackson was someone who fell into an unfortunate trap of media hype and bad luck. The audience will keep in mind that Jackson was always there to impress.

“THIS IS IT” film is worthwhile for anyone who loves music. Sony Pictures will be running “THIS IS IT” until Thanksgiving weekend.


  • MARY 5 years ago


  • MARY 5 years ago

    i'll pray God to see you in heaven. I love you !!!

  • Lorkh 5 years ago

    He flipped out? Beyonce would flip out. P Diddy may flip out. But the King of Pop? He merely corrected them. He's always innocent. He had his childhood robbed away. Just look at what papa Joe did & said since June 25. How could you not sympathize with someone who had such a father. What do you mean born black and died white? This line is so totally unnecessary.

  • Tom Joyce 5 years ago

    Either Megan cleaned up this article or I'm reading something the other comments are not about. This article seems fine. The movie is great; it's a look at Jackson that people have never seen before - like Megan says without the hype. The footage was never meant to be seen by anyone other than Jackson so it's unguarded and natural.

  • dom 5 years ago

    i like him he was and still is the best if u got a problem go away okhes the best in the wourld love ya man k r.i.p.