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Michael Jackson: Brandon Howard claims evidential proof he’s Jackson's son

Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop” may have sired another son from a romance in 1982 with pop singer Miki Howard. Brandon Howard, Miki’s son is also a singer who is thirty-one years old, born in 1983 wants to prove his claim that he indeed is the son of Michael Jackson.

Does Michael Jackson have another son no one knows about?
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According to the latest news story release from the NY Daily News on March 5 Brandon Howard says he is more than just a fan of the late King of Pop but also his son. Brandon claims he has DNA evidence that will prove he shares the royal bloodline of Michael Jackson.

Brandon says he has many similarities to Michael and that he also resembles him too. His singing career has been greatly influenced by Michael Jackson through vocals, dance choreography, songwriting as well as stage production.

No one from the Jackson estate has ever heard of Brandon Howard until now. If the evidence he has and DNA proves he is indeed Michael Jackson’s son he also plans to take steps toward a share of Michael’s estate as well as past and present revenue and holdings. That net worth is estimated to be in the area of seventeen million dollars in cash holdings and six-hundred million dollars in revenues.

The evidence, DNA results are to be aired on Thursday on and everyone is waiting to see if Michael did have another child that has been kept secret all these years.

Do you think his allegations will be proven true? Do you think the Jackson family will honor Brandon with a percentage of Michael’s fortune for being another heir? What made him wait this long to go public?

We all need to tune in Thursday to see exactly what the DNA test results will reveal!

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