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Michael Gerard Bauer's "Just a Dog" captures the love of a dog and his family.

Is your dog really 'just a dog?'
Is your dog really 'just a dog?'

Michael Gerard Bauer’s “Just a Dog” is the sweetest! It’s not just because he’s so big (he’s part Great Dane). It’s not just because he’s all white (with one black spot under his eye and a heart-shaped splotch on his chest). It’s not just because he’s clumsy or because he knows one (very bad!) trick.

He is the sweetest because he seems to know exactly what Corey needs, even when Corey doesn’t know himself. This is the story of Mister Mosely, from his puppyhood to the time he stops Corey form making the biggest mistake of his life.

Sometimes a dog isn’t “just a dog.” Sometimes he truly is a child’s whole world.

All twenty-nine chapters are fabulously entertaining, but the first sentence of the first chapter kick off all the excitement.

“The day my dad said Mister Mosely was “just a dog,” my mum punched him.”

And it wasn’t a girl punch or a fooling-around punch either. Mom was serious!

It is Chapter 16 that will make you love Mr. Mosely as much as his family does.

“One of the best things about Mister Mosely was how he used to wait out front of our house every day for me to come home from school.”

He started doing that when Corey was nine. That’s when his mom stopped picking him up from school, but Mr. Mosely was a fine companion to meet him after school.

The story of Bauer’s “Just a Dog” is sweet and endearing and for everyone who loves dogs, for everyone who wants a dog, and for everyone who misses their dog.

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