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Michael Franti loves Red Rocks


In anticipation of his upcoming album, The Sound of Sunshine, Franti revels in playing one of the premier music venues in the world.

Michael Franti at Red Rocks, July 31, 2010
Kevin Staunton /

Saturday night at Red Rocks was a celebration.  If you know anything about Michael Franti and Spearhead, you're aware that the band has cultivated a family-like atmosphere wherever they play.  Whether it's Michael playing in the middle of the crowd, or inviting children to dance with the band on-stage, no other performer embraces his fans with the sense of genuine appreciation as Franti does...and few fan bases love their hero more in return. caught up with Franti at Bonnaroo this year and spoke about how Red Rocks brings out the best in the band. "Whenever we play there, it's always the highlight of my summer. It's by far and way, the most beautiful venue in the world. It's always the one place that exceeds my expectations."

The sold out show at Red Rocks was no exception.  Playing a cross-section of hits The Sound of Sunshine album (releases September 21st), All Rebel Rockers, Yell Fire, and Everyone Deserves Music, Franti and Spearhead enchanted the adoring fans that are likely still dancing in their heads today.  

'I Know I'm Not Alone' aptly set the tone for the evening as the full capacity crowd got to its feet and never sat down.  Like he has throughout the summer, Franti engaged in a bit of theatrics, popping up on a structure in the middle of the crowd, performing 'Hey, Hey, Hey'.    Several times, Franti invited fans onto the stage to dance and sing, none more heartwarming than when he invited "all the kids" to come up on stage for 'Say Hey (I Love You)' to wrap up the evening.

The band continues their tour August 4th in Reno, NV at the Knitting Factory.


I Know I'm Not Alone
Love Don't Wait for Nobody
The Rude Boys Back in Town
Hello Bonjour
Shake It (new album)
Everyone Deserves Music
Everybody Ona Move
Hey World (Don't Give Up)
Never Too Late (new album)
Sound of Sunshine (new album)
Yell Fire
Hey Hey Hey
I'll Be Waiting
Yes, I Will
I Got Love For You
Say Hey (I Love You)



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