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Michael Dunn trial day 2 Pt IV

Tommy Stornes the driver of the SUV but not a close friend of the others
Tommy Stornes the driver of the SUV but not a close friend of the others
/ City of JAX

State of Florida vs Michael Dunn: Friday, February 7, 2014 - Day 2, Room 406.

2:28 p.m. – Tommy Stornes 20-years-old, lives with Aunt and was not close to any of the other young men. Stornes was the operator of the SUV and his aunt owns the vehicle. The red Durango has 2 – 12 inch subwoofers in the back.

Stornes used the restroom at the GATE and then bought gum & cigarettes. When he came out, a black sedan was parked next to his vehicle. Tommy never heard anything outside the SUV, nor did he hear or see anyone threaten Michael Dunn. As the driver, Tommy was concerned about getting away for the gun fire. He remembered hearing the shots. He called everyone’s name when he was in the plaza area. All responded except Jordan. He got out & inspected his vehicle and he also checked on Jordan. He saw people giving CPR. Tommy was also interviewed by homicide detectives to identify Dunn from 2 photos.

In 2012 Stornes was on probation and was supposed to be home by 7:00 p.m. His probation was continued & was completed in 2013. Prosecuting attorney questioned that he watched some of the trial yesterday and he knew that he wasn’t supposed to. The surveillance video of the inside of the store was shown and he was identified.

Defense attorney criticized the validity of Stornes curfew violation and also brought up the viewing of the online telecast of the court proceedings. Tommy was not subject to any penalties for violating his curfew.

Stornes posted on Face Book that his homeboy didn’t make it. Stornes also created a song about Jordan Davis and put it on You Tube, in order to make money. Stornes said that he couldn’t hear Dunn or Jordon’s responses over at the GATE. His aunt & cousin were called to the gas station. Tommy hesitated in calling 911 and didn’t remember texting anyone.

Prosecution asked if he removed any type of weapon from the SUV that night. Stornes also said that he wrote the song in memory of Jordan & not to gain any money from the venture.

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