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Michael Dunn trial day 2 Pt II

Friends of Jordan Davis testify in dead friends absence
/ Ms. "V" (Poller)

State of Florida vs Michael Dunn: Friday, February 7, 2014 - Day 2, Room 406.

11:00 a.m. – Kevin Thompson, 18-year-old attends FSCJ, lives with parents and knew Jordan Davis as a close friend. He was seated on the front passenger seat of the red Durango when they drove to the Towncenter to ‘girl-watch’ and go to Urban Outfitters to see Jordan’s girlfriend.

Child locks were on when they stopped at the GATE convenience store for gum & cigarettes. The driver was the only one who left the vehicle. Rap music was playing loud and only Jordan’s window was down.

A black sedan parked next to the red Durango. A white lady got out and Thompson identified Michael Dunn as the driver. Dunn stated, “Turn your music down, I can’t hear myself think”. Jordan told Kevin to “Turn the music back up” after Kevin had turned it down. Jordan was the only one to make comments to Dunn. Neither Jordan nor anyone in the SUV threatened Dunn at any time. Kevin raised Jordan’s window to about 3 inches from the top.

The driver returned to his car as he was dancing to the music. Dunn grabbed his gun and asked Jordan, “Are you talking to me?” Driver then reversed the SUV & pulled off. Thompson leaned over away from the shots and didn’t get up until they came to a nearby adjacent plaza. All passengers answered except Jordan as he gasped for air.

The driver & Kevin got out of the SUV at the plaza. They saw Dunn driving away as they returned to their vehicle and drove back to the GATE. 911 was called as others tried to help Jordan. The other 3 passengers were taken in for questioning. They individually identified Dunn as the assailant from a photograph.

Defense pointed out that Thompson’s door window was shattered. 911 was not called immediately. Dunn drove away quietly and did not fire again. 911 was not contacted at the plaza. Child locks were on the tinted windows with the windows vibrating due to the loud music, yet some of Jordan’s & Dunn’s conversation could not be heard by the others. Dunn could have said “Thank you”, but it could not be confirmed. Kevin had acquaintance with Jordan on 2 separate occasions. Dunn turned towards Jordan & fired. They went back to the GATE as the SUV driver and the ‘white truck’ driver called 911.

Kevin also called numerous other people from his phone. Jordan’s feet, while in the vehicle, were forward & slanted to the side.

12:00 p.m. – side bar. Lunch break, returning at 1:00 p.m. Stay tuned for Pts. III - V

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