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Michael Douglas joins cast of superhero film Ant-Man

Michael Douglas 2014
Michael Douglas 2014
Michael Douglas 2014

Fresh off his Golden Globes win for Behind the Candelabra, veteran actor Michael (Falling Down, The Game) Douglas has just reported to Empire Magazine that he will be joining the cast of Edgar Wright's 2015 comic book adaptation of the beloved Marvel Comics superhero, Ant-Man. Which raised an immediate question for fans (both casual and die hard): Who will he be playing?

With the announcement just last month that actor Paul (This is 40, Admission) Rudd would be playing the role of the hero, this news of Douglas, also playing the title character, will come as a bit of a surprise and possibly confusion for unfamiliar viewers. But rest assured, the director knows what he's doing. Asked to further explain the casting and the plot of the film, Wright simply reminded us all that there have been numerous men to bear the title of Ant-Man.

That being said, Michael Douglas will be portraying the original Ant-Man, Dr. Hank Pym, while Paul Rudd will be portraying a more recent incarnation of the character, Scott Lang. This casting news will surely get people on board with this seemingly silly project. And, as is customary with all Marvel films owned by Disney, there is always a possibility of a team-up, a la 2012's mega blockbuster, The Avengers. And who wouldn't want to see Michael Douglas' Hank Pym put Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark (Iron Man) in his place?