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Michael Douglas, Diane Keaton attend 'And So it Goes' Hamptons premiere

Michael Douglas, Diane Keaton, and Rob Reiner attend the 'And So It Goes' premiere at Guild Hall on July 6, 2014 in East Hampton, New York
Photo by Sonia Moskowitz/Getty Images

On Sunday July 6, 2014 was on the scene for the Hamptons premiere of Clarius Entertainment’s "And So it Goes" at Guild Hall in East Hampton. The special event was the hottest and most star-studded bash this holiday weekend. The adorable and heart-warming film lead by Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas tells the story of two later-in-life individuals who find that sometimes a second chance at romance is just next door.

Director Rob Reiner was in attendance and walked the red carpet in addition to the film's stars Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton. Douglas was joined by his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones. A few of the notables we spotted included Barbara Walters, Barbra Streisand, Bob Balaban, John Leguizamo and Nanette Lepore. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Diane Keaton looked fabulous.

After the viewing attendees indulged in a delicious meal served at the Hamptons favorite Nick & Toni’s where mini-burgers, mac and cheese squares and refreshing wines and rum specialty drinks were enjoyed. It was the perfect way to end a delightful weekend celebration.

William Sadleir Founder and Chairman of Clarius said at the premiere, "For the past decade the major film studios have adopted a blockbuster strategy. And they have focused on producing hundred million dollar plus movies to take advantage of known franchises. In the process of doing that, there has been a major void in the film business where filmmakers who have original content that’s not based on a franchise, and also for audiences over the age of 17 who appreciate creative content over special effects, are no longer being satisfied in the film business." That is why a team of talented individuals came together to fill that void and formed Clarius Entertainment.

Without question in the last few decades one of the most talented filmmakers who has contributed to significantly to the cultural fabric of America is Rob Reiner. Rob has directed some of the most popular and influential movies. Rob Reiner speaking during his intro told attendees, "Diane for all these years has done such brilliant work. She said to me before the movie is that I don’t act I just am who I am. And I said to her well whoever you are that is just fabulous and that is what we love."

The film's runtime is 94 minutes and it opens in theaters July 11, 2014.

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