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Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton in First 'And So It Goes' Trailer

Rob Reiner. Michael Douglas. Diane Keaton. Uh, is this the 1980s? The trailer for romantic comedy And So It Goes may make you feel like you've just stepped into a time warp, but know that it's actually coming out in the dead of summer. THIS summer!

Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas are Grumpy Old Lovers

"I've sold houses older than you"! Yeah, this is one of those movies chock full of jokes about how old everybody is, until all of those old folks fall in love or something. Douglas plays a douchey real estate agent who doesn't get along with his neighbor, played by Keaton. Maybe it's because he shoots dogs with paintball guns and is always insulting her about her age. He also doesn't seem to know much about his family as his estranged son shows up one day with a granddaughter he wasn't aware of.

This looks like a mess and hardly a comeback vehicle for the guy who directed When Harry Met Sally and The Princess Bride all those years ago. And So It Goes will be plunked down into theaters on July 14th, when it probably should have come out two months ago or something.

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