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Michael Dorf brings Downtown Seder to JCCSF

April 9 at JCCSF
April 9 at JCCSF
Courtesy of City Winery Napa

Michael Dorf, owner of City Winery, will be hosting a “Downtown Seder” at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco on Wednesday, April 9th, just prior to the official start of the holiday. For Dorf, the Downtown Seder has become an annual tradition, having hosted this ritual feast for the last 13 years at City Winery New York, and for the last two at City Winery Chicago. These Downtown Seders take place prior to the start of Passover so attendees can bring home the perspectives and one-of-a-kind interpretations of the artists, writers, comedians, and political figures brought together by Dorf, and share them at their own Seder.

For this year’s Seder, Dorf’s first west coast event, he has assembled a passel of entertainers and thinkers, including Annie Sprinkle, Nato Green, Sara Felder, and Israeli superstar David Broza, to share their unique and personal points of view on the ancient Passover story. There will also be the world premiere of Lewis Black’s video “Plagues,” created by the popular comic who will be headlining at City Winery Napa later this year.

Milk & Honey Catering, known for bringing fine Kosher cheeses to Northern California, will be serving a Kosher vegetarian meal, with wines being provided by Napa’s only Kosher wineries, Covenant and Hagafen. Winemakers Jeff Morgan and Ernie Weir will be there to pour the traditional four glasses of wine. This will surely be a Seder supper you won’t soon forget.

For more information or to buy tickets for the Downtown Seder, click here. Tickets cost $95 for standard seating or $115 to be seated closer to the stage and with the artists. The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco is located at 3200 California Street and the doors open at 7 p.m.